Who We Are

INDEL Food Products, INC. a leader in the market of multi- food importer specializing processed peppers and other vegetables from around the world, concentrating selling in United States as well as exporting around the world.

Today we pride ourselves in providing our customers, suppliers and partners with the best possible service in the quickest amount of time.

INDEL Foods Inc started in 1985 as a family owned and operated business as it continues up to today. We currently produce and market over 100 SKU's which are all packed in our AIB audited OU Kosher Certified plants and covered with a $5.0 M U.S. dlls product liability insurance.

INDEL's commitment to quality and freshness begins by using only hybrid seeds that are planted in our greenhouses where 60 days from planting the seedings are supplied to our selected group of farmers. At this stage, fields are closely monitored until harvest so that all of the crops meet strict receiving quality standards. By operating our own processing plants right in the heart of Northern Mexico's vegetable producing valleys, we pack products the same day they are harvested, to insure top freshness and crispness.

Besides, INDEL Food Products, Inc. owns and operates its own distribution warehouse in El Paso, Texas, which is strategically located between the West and East coasts from where we delivered to most of the continental U.S. within 10 days lead time to ship a minimum of 6 pallets per order.

Our Goal is Simple: to supply our customers with top quality mexican products, at a competitive price and with supreme customer service.